Tatiana Vladimira Kratochvil

Life full of options

I was born in Bratislava, Slovakia, (1947).
I loved my school, sports, friends and my sibblings. I was a happy child but I wanted more. I left the gray, unfree communist system and moved to sunny California and later exchanged it for the"always"rainy Netherlands.
I got a degree in a clinical psychology at the University of Nijmegen and a degree at the School of Fine Arts, Academy Minerva in Groningen.
Today I work as a psychologist/psychotherapist in the private practice Wijnberg & Wijnberg (> link) and as an independent professional artist/painter.
I try to give a fair share of my love and attention to my husband, my two sons and two daughters-in-law, to my family and a group of great friends. But the winners are: my two little granddaughters.
I divide my living and working time between Eelderwolde (NL), New York, Sint Maarten and Slovakia. My home is where my loved ones are. All those places are a great inspiration for my personal and professional life.
I wanted more, I got it all. I am greatful for everything that life has offered me! Thanks!